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Trient Press Author Book Purchase Policy

The objective of this policy document is to delineate the terms and conditions under which authors can purchase their books through Trient Press. This policy elucidates the financial responsibilities, obligations, and stipulations related to the purchasing of author copies.


This policy is applicable to all authors who have entered into a contractual agreement with Trient Press for the publishing of their works.


Policy Terms
Procurement of Author Copies: Trient Press does not maintain an inventory of books for resale to authors. All author copies must be ordered specifically for that purpose.

Cost and Payment: Authors shall bear the cost of author copies, which will be provided at the print cost without any mark-up. Payment must be made upfront and in accordance with the payment methods accepted by Trient Press.

No Exceptions: Under no circumstances will Trient Press make exceptions to this policy. The financial responsibility for ordering author copies rests solely with the author.

  1. Replacement by Trient Press: Should an author receive misprinted books in an order made directly through Trient Press, the publisher will replace the affected copies at no additional cost, contingent upon the submission of photographic evidence to validate the claim.

  2. Purchases Through Third-Party Vendors: In cases where books are bought through third-party vendors such as Barnes & Noble, Trient Press bears no financial responsibility for any defects, misprints, or other issues. Authors should direct their concerns and seek refunds or replacements from the respective third-party vendors.

Order Fulfillment: The time required to fulfill an author copy order may vary and is subject to the production schedule of the printing facility. Trient Press shall not be held responsible for any delays incurred during this process.

Shipping and Handling: Additional fees for shipping and handling shall be borne by the author. Trient Press will not assume responsibility for shipping costs.

Ownership and Copyright: The purchase of author copies does not in any way alter or affect the ownership, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights associated with the published work.


The stipulations outlined in this policy exist to preserve the financial viability of Trient Press as a publishing entity. Since Trient Press operates on a print-on-demand model, it is neither pragmatic nor economically feasible to stockpile author copies.


Financial Responsibility: If an author wishes to have 100 copies for a book signing event, the author is required to place an order and cover the print costs for 100 books.

Replacement Cases: Should an author receive 20 misprinted books in a 100-book order, Trient Press will replace those 20 books at no additional cost, rather than offering a financial refund.

Counterarguments and Dissenting Opinions

Some may argue that providing copies at cost without the option for a refund may dissuade authors from purchasing large quantities. However, this policy is designed to mitigate financial risks for Trient Press, ensuring the sustainability of the publishing model.

Problems and Exercises for Critical Thinking
Ethical Considerations: Is it ethical for a publishing house to shift all financial responsibilities of purchasing author copies onto the author? Discuss.


Impact on Authors: How does this policy affect new or financially-strapped authors, and what alternative solutions could be considered?

By acknowledging this policy, authors confirm their understanding and acceptance of the terms herein. Failure to comply with this policy may result in termination of the publishing agreement at the discretion of Trient Press.

For further queries or clarifications, authors are encouraged to contact the appropriate department at Trient Press.

This policy is subject to revision and may be updated without prior notice.



Trient Press Management

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