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Book Formatting and Typesetting

At Trient Press, we understand that the visual presentation of a book is just as important as the words within its pages. Our Book Formatting and Typesetting service ensures that manuscripts are properly formatted for print and digital publishing, providing a professional layout design, font selection, and overall aesthetic presentation.

As a commitment to our authors, we offer our comprehensive Book Formatting and Typesetting service at no charge. We believe that every author deserves a visually stunning book that captivates readers and reflects their unique voice.

Our experienced team of designers and typesetters are well-versed in industry standards and the latest trends in book design. We meticulously craft the layout, ensuring proper alignment, consistent formatting, and an appealing visual hierarchy that enhances readability and engagement.

Font selection is an art in itself, and our experts carefully choose fonts that harmonize with your book's genre, tone, and target audience. Whether it's a classic serif font for a historical novel or a modern sans-serif font for a contemporary thriller, we consider every detail to create a cohesive and visually pleasing reading experience.

Beyond layout and font selection, our Book Formatting and Typesetting service encompasses various aspects of aesthetic presentation. We pay attention to chapter headings, page numbers, headers, footers, and other design elements, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your book's overall look and feel.

Our commitment to excellence extends to both print and digital publishing. We ensure that the formatting and typesetting translate seamlessly across different formats, providing consistent visual appeal whether readers choose a physical book or an e-book edition.

Experience the power of professional book design without any additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about our Book Formatting and Typesetting service, and let us bring your words to life with a stunning visual presentation that truly showcases your literary masterpiece.


Trient Authors: $0.00

Non-Trient Authors:

Our Book Formatting and Typesetting service starts at $50. This base fee applies to most books, ensuring a professional and polished result. However, additional charges may apply in certain cases.

Books that include low-quality images or require complex formatting, such as cookbooks or books with 300 pages featuring colored images on every page, may cost $600 or more.

If you wish to add images after the file is sent back to you, there is a minimum fee of $150.

Contact us to learn more about our Book Formatting and Typesetting service and receive a personalized quote for your project.

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