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Miguel Sanchez

Born and raised in Washington D.C. , his father was a Cuban immigrant. His parents divorced when he was 1 and his father (who was a drug dealer) was murdered when Miguel was 10 years old. However the money left from his Fathers drug empire enabled Miguel to attend Military school where he became the 2nd highest ranking cadet in the school. After High School Miguel created an 11 year plan for his life that included becoming an Air Force pilot and becoming a Lawyer.

However It took Miguel 11 years to graduate with a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree. After attending Tuskegee Institute (where he first encountered his fraternity Omega Psi Phi) he transferred to Howard University to be near his newly born son. Unable to continue to work 3 jobs and attend school full time as a single parent Miguel transferred to San Diego State University. From there he joined the U.S. Army where he joined the elite 82nd Airborne Division as a Paratrooper and finally finished his B.S. Degree in North Carolina at Campbell University . He went to school after duty hours in an attempt to complete his graduate education while also accomplishing 52 parachute jumps. While attending his Master’s program he was sent to the Gulf War in operation Desert Storm for almost a year. During his tenure in the Army he took sole custody of his (then) 8 year old son and raised him as a single parent and then decided to leave the Army to pursue entrepreneurial goals.

He and his son moved to Atlanta after the war where he opened up what became the 3rd largest minority owned Mortgage Banking firm in the United States. As business goes the company took a downturn and his company was forced to shut down multiple offices.

Shortly thereafter he opened up a theme resta

urant called “The Hip Hop Cafe” which many celebrities visited such as Ludicrous, Warren G, Mos Def, Swiss Beats , Goodie Mob , Outkast and many, many more. The restaurant made over 1 Million dollars in revenue the first year in business. That business allowed him to purchase and/or flip more than 30 properties. He worked 7 days a week at both businesses for several years until unfortunately the restaurant fell prey to rising labor and food cost and was forced to shut down.

From there he went back to school and completed his Master’s Degree. He went to work in the post-secondary proprietary college education industry where he rose to the level of Director of Admissions for 16 Years. He was chosen as Corinthian Colleges’ top 10 Directors in 2 Countries but decided to move to Las Vegas and to pursue his passion in Real Estate and public speaking where he now is a rising star at Wardley Real Estate. While at Wardley he has become #1 at his office and one of Wardley’s top agents in the city of Las Vegas. By using the principles he has put together in his book he consistently found ways of rising to the top in whatever he chooses to do. In this book he encourages individuals to push through obstacles and find their true purpose in life and pursue that which you are given a gift to do.

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