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RJ Waters


RJ Waters spent twenty years as a law enforcement officer in California and Nevada .After his retirement from the State of Nevada as a fraud investigator, he and his wife Penny settled into retirement in Las Vegas. His wife urged him to write down memories of his career. She said he had an interesting and intriguing life. At the same time, Bob was volunteering with the American Cancer society, driving patients to their treatments. He would wait two to three hours for them and using his laptop he began to write  experiences from his time in Viet Nam, as an EMT. in California, and his time in law enforcement. Penny, a devoted reader, was impressed, "You can write! Now write a story." He did and the first book was completed. It was The Case That Would Not Close. He self-published it. Not the best choice, given his lack of knowledge of the writing game. RJ began to attend writing groups in Las Vegas. His knowledge broaden and his writing skill also. He found a publisher for Cold But Not Forgotten. He has rewritten his first book, it is Gone But Not Forgotten. Publishing is pending. To come up to date, enter Trient Publishing, After a pod cast with M. L. Ruscsak, he was encouraged to submit his latest thriller, I Just Wanted A Beer. It will be published soon.


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