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Noarlunga South Australia
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Tina is a loving wife of fifteen years and mother to two kids and two small dogs. Both her and her husband are veterans who enjoy adventure and travel with each other, and as best friends they also love to spend their time with their kids, friends and family on their small homestead in the Pacific Northwest. Tina is happiest surrounded by those she loves and it doesn't hurt to have an enticing manuscript in progress, dark beer in the fridge and darker chocolate in the cabinet to enjoy when the mood strikes.

Proud Veteran

About Tina

Tina Maurine is the gal on the sidelines at the party. The gal who smiles at everyone, but rarely initiates conversation; never the center of attention, but always taking notes on those who are. She loves watching people, their authentic responses to everyday occurrences and in turn has turned years of notes into fodder for her stories, an encyclopedia of emotions and character traits that come alive on the page. She never feels more alive than when she is creating; be it stories, music, graphic art, or painting rocks and canvases with her daughter.

She is a wife, mom, best friend, secretary, teacher, cheerleader, house-straightener, chef, chauffeur, video game playing, Barbie doll dressing domestic multi-tasker. She likes her French baguettes crispy, her beer dark, and her chocolate even darker. Her music tastes are eclectic, but if there's a beat, you can bet her body is moving to it... even in the car... and the louder the better.

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