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Chyenne Lyons

A Visionary Author and Advocate for Change

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My Story

At the young age of 20, Chyenne Lyons has already marked her territory in the literary world with the publication of her first two books. A 2021 graduate of Lucas High School in Lucas, Ohio, Chyenne’s journey is not just a tale of academic success but also one of overcoming and leveraging the unique challenges presented by her high-functioning autism. This aspect of her life has not only shaped her understanding of the world but also fueled her passion for educational reform.


Chyenne’s perspective on the education system is deeply personal and informed. Living with autism has given her a distinct lens through which she views the world, allowing her to identify the gaps and strengths within our educational frameworks. This insight is a driving force behind her literary pursuits and her broader vision for societal change.


Her current literary endeavors are not just for artistic expression but also a groundwork for her ambitious political aspirations. Chyenne aims to use her voice and platform to advocate for systemic reforms, with a particular focus on education. Her goal is to run for presidential office post-35, propelled by a passion to serve and an unwavering commitment to mend what she perceives as a broken system.


Beyond her literary and political aspirations, Chyenne is a person of diverse interests. Her love for animals reflects her compassionate and empathetic nature. Additionally, she indulges in writing fan fiction, a testament to her creative and imaginative prowess. This hobby is further complemented by her artistic talent, as she enjoys creating art for her fan fiction stories, showcasing her multifaceted creativity.


Chyenne Lyons stands as an inspiring figure - a young, dynamic author with a clear vision for the future and a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact on society. Her journey is a compelling narrative of overcoming personal challenges, embracing unique perspectives, and channeling them into a force for societal betterment.

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