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Trenance Carter

Embrace Your Crown A Time Management Handbook

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My Story

Trenace' K. Carter, Founder and CEO of 1 Authentic Woman, is a Certified Master Life Coach, published author, and advocate for self-discovery. With a passion for empowering individuals, she guides clients to embrace their authentic selves and pursue personal growth. Raised in Chicago with a legacy of strength and wisdom, Trenace' offers a safe space for girls and women to explore their identities. Her transformative approach is characterized by love, realness, and transparency. As an accomplished author, she has published several books, sharing profound insights on personal growth. Trenace' is also involved in supporting at-risk girls through The Communities in Schools program and is recognized as an Authentic Self Love Specialist. Residing in Houston, she is a proud mother and grandmother. Through coaching, writing, and community engagement, Trenace' continues to inspire and uplift others.

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